Tuesday, March 19, 2013



Dear PXD Friends, PXD Partners, PXD Clients

At this moment I want to share with you my joy and happiness that today is 19th of March and has only 5 days to the beginning of Brightest moments of this Week and continuation of brightest moments the next week. " The Phenomenal Spectacular Happening " HOW WE CAN RECOGNIZE THE SIGNS THAT OUR BODY SENDS ?! " and "HOW WE CAN ACHIEVE GREATNESS IN LIFE, BUSINESS/WORK, COMMUNICATION ?! "

We have organized, especially for you and brought a Special guests for an Extraordinary events that will bring a new dimension in our lives and will change our attitude toward our health, wisdom and holistic view toward our body. 

The whole party begins on 
23rd March from 10.30-16.30 c., 

Continues on
25th March 18.00-20.00 c., 

And finishes for the best on
27th March 18.00-20.00 c., 

Dearest PXD Friends, PXD Clients, PXD Partners, as we previously said our smallest effort, will lead to Greatest success in our lives, SO MAYBE this 2 DIVINE EVENTS are beginning of that happiness.

Very happy that we can Serve you and be Your best friend,

Your Well - Wishing
Dr.Great Success
The Founder

Previous Message from Dr.Great Success

Dear PXD Friends, Partners, Dear World
At this moment we are deeply touched and deeply motivated to approach you and to share with you our deepest thought.

We are happy that today is 6th of March and that Life is very Nice on this Divine Day. 

We are happy to announce you that on this day we are here to give our hand to you and pull you on this side, where everything is beautiful, sweet and full of bliss and happiness.

Very happy that we can Serve you and be Your best friend,

Your Well - Wishing
Dr.Great Success
The Founder

Video Message from Dr.Great Success, interpreted by Tatjana Stankovic


Dr.Great Success was born 01.06.1975 in Bihac (BiH), lived in Belgrade and now works in Skopje. He is young man with great vision and unique business ideas, who without having previous capital build million dollar company - PXD System Intl.

One company wasn't enough for him, so he started business in other fields, for which he has great plans.

He continuously increases his knowledge with new information from the business world. He wrote two books in which he describes his way to success, his ideas and their implementation
  1. Get Wealth With No Investment, Click here to read more about this book
  2. Wear success
This young man has held more than 1700 trainings in the area of philosophy of success, which represents huge treasury of experiences of implemented knowledge.

Follow the next Messages from Dr.Great Success, PXD System Intl.'s Founder, they might do something more for Your life, for Your Body, Mind and Soul !

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