Wednesday, August 27, 2014



Cheops Pyramid...Mystic, Power, Religion, Warrior’s Prestige,...or scientific enigma...

There are a lot of scientiifc thesis, how pyramid was created, why was built,..etc., and at this moment we are interested, how somebody, the National Wealth of Egypt, one of the Sevent Wonders of the Ancient World, succeded to sell more then 20000 times !
I know that all this sounds weird  but you will see that this is the right truth.
Many conquerors were thinking of a ways, who they could take over whole Pyramid and take it in their own country.
Of course they failed to succeed because they didn’t have technology with whom they would take it, move it and not damaged it. At the very least instance, to grab someone else's national wealth is not moral neither ethical.
               Since the time when Keops Pyramid exists, it attracts huge amount of people to visit her and in modern times there are a lot Agencies that have Touristic tours in Egypt, where people can see this magnificent building. 
 Energy is everywhere and it is impossible to sell beauty without energy and on the bottom of everything to attrack people’s attention. By exploring Scientific  discoveries, it was concluded that Keops pyramid was used for drying the Nile’s delta and that on 2/3 of it’s height energy was created and illuminated, through the top. Exactly that energy was attracting people,...

To be continued on 1st September

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